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Just : Nigeria Needs An Experienced capitalist says Evans Moses

Just : Nigeria Needs An Experienced capitalist says Evans Moses

Evans Moses the Convener of Evans For Tinubu 2023” And the DG of the team said this during an interview with pressmen earlier yesterday during a conference with guest who came to visit him for the excess campaign arrangement.

This he said with confidence that the situation of the country need not only a politician and not only a self acclaimed capitalist but an experienced human capitalist who we can see clearly and the production of capitalism can be witnessed.

While speaking with the news men he pointed out areas of where people accused Bola Ahmed Tinubu of how he embezzled and how he has misappropriated public funds. He said on this I have a lot to say but this not the most appropriate time to address Nigerians about this allegations.

Evans said how can you accused a Business man of misappropriation , a man who run a government without a federal allocation for 8 years without holding any workers salary, a man who established 36 local government council development areas with debt, will now embezzle state when he his not the governor again?. O No, as Evans Moses replied he said he see Political controversies and tricks in political drama.

Evans Moses who said believing in oneself is another strong hold in politics, but before I believe in Bola Tinubu To be here speaking for him or giving him my best endorsement is just not a mere dream or a day vertical ideology, but this is an idea beyond a dream it’s a believe that is fatal to the deepest mind of which his texture of experience acquired me.

However, his oppositions might have one or two to say against him just to bring the Beauty of politics outside for others to see, if not they have no excuses nor they have no options than to see Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the best of which they know amongs all other aspirants.

Experienced, Administrative, industrious, and tolerating human with a volatile minded man that can take the nation to the next step , that can change the direction of the totality of the Nigeria Economy.

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