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Just In: Evans Moses address during the international youths day

Just In: Evans Moses address during the international youths day.

Earlier yesterday at the stadium in Akure the capital city of Ondo state where the team gathered to speak with the press men concerning the international youths day.

Speaking with the journalist Evans Moses the convener of Evans for Tinubu 2023” addressed them directly on the opinion of the youths in the nation, extensively the chairman made his point clear that the youths of the nation is the mirror of the nation where the elders look up to that they should set a standard of response to the call of the nation responsibility. He said leaders Should as well give every room to the youths to express their characters in terms of politics and every other accomplished matters that needs the Youths address.

He further said that the nation is hoped to rise again seeing the works of the Youths of Nigeria all over the world. Of recent he said we have been recorded the world best in athletic, “ Amusan “who break the record which give our Nation a world recognition. Ranging from entertainment which we have been a Grannie awards recorded.

And more to that while addressing the press men, as well telling them that he his proud of Nigerian youths who has taken it a part to move the nation forward , he said he can’t deny the fact that Nigerian youths are creative, innovative and it’s a desert of distinction to the nation. It’s no doubt that wherever we are found outside the nation , Nigerian youths as always be the best most especially when it comes to Education despite the poor groom up of the youths in the country, their defense of academic as been echoing well and they are representing the country in this best capacity as the best.

Evans Moses said taking a new dimensions for the youths that he totally agree with the commitment of the youths now in politics and in the good shepherds of democracy they have always wanted, he said there is question in the making of the Youths in agitation and process of creating that lasting and progressing democracy.

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