Ranking every Liverpool home shirt of the Premier League era

There really isn’t that much you can do with a Liverpool home shirt – yet their kit manufacturers over the years have still managed to produce the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Reds are one of the best-supported teams in world football and every kit release is met with excitement, even if they’ve not always been shirts that would grace the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Liverpool have worn in the Premier League to date.

22. 1993-95

Admittedly it might be Ian Rush’s moustache that’s putting us off this.

21. 2021-22

Unlike the squad that wore it, this shirt was distinctively average and we have nothing good to say about the orange collar.


20. 2000-02

Even Didi Hamann looks annoyed to be wearing it.

19. 2002-04

A shirt that stinks of El Hadji Diouf and missed opportunities.

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18. 2010-12

This is the first picture we found when searching for this shirt, which is enough to explain why it’s so low.

17. 1995-96

Potentially good, but that collar is insane.

16. 2014-15

There’s really not much positive to say about Steven Gerrard’s last season at the club.

15. 2012-13

Sometimes it’s hard to say anything of note about a plain red polo shirt. Sometimes that’s okay.

14. 2022-23

Another plain effort.

Virgil van Dijk during the match between RB Leipzig and Liverpool at Red Bull Arena, Leipzig, Germany, July 2022.

13. 2013-14 

Possibly the best of the Warrior Sports era, which is the definition of being damned with faint praise.

12. 2006-08

Templated Champions League final defeats are the worst kind of Champions League final defeats.

11. 2015-16

New Balance were a welcome change from Warrior Sports, but they stayed loyal to recent designs for their first couple of seasons.

10. 2008-10

This shirt looks good to us, but in searching for it we found it was mostly worn by forgettable signings – we’re looking at you, Philip Degan – which seems quite apt.

9. 2020-21

This would be a very, very basic shirt were it not for the green trim – but that’s enough to elevate it to an above average position here.

8. 1996-98

This is good but…what the f*ck is going on with that badge?

7. 2019-20

This was sexy. Oh, and it doesn’t harm that Liverpool won the league in it.

6. 1998-00

If it wasn’t for the baggy 90s fit this would be great.

5. 2018-19

There’s going to be a very popular retro range of these shirts with ‘Origi 27’ on the back in 20 years.

4. 2016-17

We have a soft spot for the slight grandad collar on this.

3. 2004-06



2. 2017-18

So much yes. The return of the white v-neck in a simple and slick design. God bless you, New Balance.

1. 1992-93

We just can’t stop looking at that shoulder.

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