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2023: It takes the Experienced skillful Leader to fix Nigeria Challenges “ Evans Moses

2023: It takes the Experienced skillful Leader to fix Nigeria Challenges “ Evans Moses.

This in the time we have to remember history and let out of our interest and hatred, this is the highest time we can fix Nigeria with our PVC. If not now I don’t think it can be again because this is the generation of Changing the course with our PVC. Its in our own space to study the presidential candidates, to know there weakens and proven to be a standard leader.

Nigeria at this moment needs a leader with the ability of transformation, who have the brilliant ideology of making a place of nowhere to be somewhere, a leader that has transpired with agendas of Economical ideas. To liberate the country is not just by standing on the pulpit and addressing with good language and oratory. We have come to the realization that the nation unity rely on a physical dispensation that we needs to practice a physical federalism and this can be done by a standing alone leader with no compromise of unjust.

Evans Moses who said all this during a conference In Akure Ondo state. He as well addressed the area of human capitalism. He said Nigeria as a failed Nation needs a fast tracking and a Human capitalist. An economical invention, a Business oriented and a Democratic leader. That have the believe in manufacturing leaders of likes, human making leader in different portfolios and polarized field of operations.

While addressing the press men Evans Moses said the only person that feet in to the aforementioned qualities that can build up the nation standard is” Ahmed Bola Tinubu” He said, has history recorded, He is the only person that can ride the horse to our destination, if we talk of reunite, human capitalism, physical federalism and security operations. If Lagos State today has become an Africa choice of tourism and the 3rd largest economy, what much do we expect, so therefore it’s high time we let go of our interest and propagandas and at the right time let make choices goes well to change the narrative of the nation.

Published by: “Evans for Tinubu 2023” Media Team.

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