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BREAKING: My Late Husband’s Brother Wants To Sleep With Me After I lost My Husband – 22yearr-Old Widow

BREAKING: My Late Husband’s Brother Wants To Sleep With Me After I lost My Husband – 22yearr-Old Widow

NIGERIA – In an interview with Legit TV, a young lady who lost her husband at the tender age of 19 recounted what she has been going through in the hands of her in-laws since the death of her husband.

The young lady who identified herself as Destiny disclosed that she lost her husband five days to their wedding anniversary. She added that she was three months old pregnant when her husband was murdered.

Narrating how her husband was killed, Destiny said he had just returned from Onitsha Market where he had gone to buy drugs and procure some items for their wedding anniversary. Upon getting back to her store, he told her to close very early because he heard that someone was shot in the town.

She said her husband returned to her store around 8pm and told her to bring out the money she made. After handling the money to him, she said two strange men came into her store. Judging by their appearance, she said they didn’t look like they came to buy anything.

Upon seeing them, she said her husband fled and they ran after him. She said she followed them until they were able to stop her husband. She said they started hitting him and one of them brought out a gun.

Destiny said she wasn’t sure if they were trying to shot her or her husband. Later, they pointed the gun at her husband. She said she tried to stop them but they pushed her back and she fell down on her tummy.

After they ran out of ammo, Destiny said they started cutting him with machete. When they were done, they all left. She said she called for help to rush him to a General Hospital but he was referred to Federal Medical Centre for treatment where was declared dead on arrival.

Ever since her husband died, Destiny said her in-laws have been maltreating her. She said they whisked away drugs worth over N8m from her pharmaceutical store, sold her husband’s vehicle and sent her away from her husband’s house.

She also noted that her late husband’s elder brother tried to sleep with her. She said he wants her to produce children for him as he even proposed to marry her as his second wife but she rejected his proposal.

“My husband’s elder brother asked me to be his second wife. When he said it at first, I thought it was a joke because I always take it as a joke. I never knew he was serious about it until sometime he would come and tell me he is going to rent an apartment for me.”

“I will leave my husband’s house and live in his house and after I have given birth, I will start producing children for him. I will laugh. I didn’t know he was serious about it”…WATCH.THE.VIRAL..VIDEO

She said after she rejected the proposal, her mother-in-law threatened to make her regret her choice. She said she has been suffering since then as they took everything away from her.V.HERE

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