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2023: Ahmed Bola Tinubu a unifier says Evans Moses

2023: Ahmed Bola Tinubu a unifier says Evans Moses

On a tweet yesterday by Evans Moses the convener of Evans for Tinubu 2023 says on his Twitter page describe Ahmed Bola Tinubu as a unifier. In his description that portrait his good skill of leadership and tolerance when it comes to polarities in terms of religion tribe and whatsoever. To his previous conduct before and after his reign in Lagos State from 1999 to this present stage we are.

Evans Moses who said Tinubu unification of human and communities is one thing that demonstrate the true definition of Oneness with no ethnics division and language differences. He make reference to his household of how he has been with a Christian for over 30 years without separation and cornices. He said Nigeria needs a tolerance and perseverance in other to tackle the challenges in the country.

Evans Moses who further said a county with division can’t grow in economy no matter what the economical situation may arise even if it’s in good term. Most of the challenges we face in the country is due to the segregation and sentiment. at first we haven’t been able to see ourselves as one Nigeria, by the moment we acknowledge the fact that we are one in the nation then Nigeria will grow for all of us so that is what Ahmed Bola Tinubu has come to do for us. A man of peace and his uniqueness has amplified him amongs his contest.

During the NBA conference Sen. Shettima has said it all to Nigerians that the issue of economy Should be zone to Ahmed Bola Tinubu, while the security he will handle just he Handles that of Borno security challenges when he was the governor Said Evans Moses.

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