BREAKING: Popular Pastor Sentenced to 6-Years Imprisonment Terms For Human Trafficking and R4pe

BREAKING: Popular Pastor Sentenced to 6-Years Imprisonment Terms For Human Trafficking and R4pe

It doesn’t sit well at all when a respectable person is charged of serious charges, what sadden the most is that many people have invested so much trust in that person.

Apostle Hlumelo Dywili was sentenced to six life imprisonment terms for human trafficking and rape cases. Dywili is from the Eastern Cape province in Mandela location located in Umtata. The popular pastor was given his sentenced on the 31st of August 2022 by the Bizana Magistrate High Court.

According to the source, the suspect was arrested on February 2022 in connection with the four counts of rape and two human trafficking charges.

The NPA spokesperson Luxolo Tyali said the accused used his Facebook account and community radio broadcasters between July and August 2021 to lure victims with his lies, he also used his church name by promising victims employment in his church.

The judge told the court that, the pastor was not remorseful of what he did after the court found him guilty and he used his name as a Pastor to abuse people...WATCH.THE.VIRAL..VIDEO

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