VERY UNBECOMING: Shameless Malawian Man Busted Trying To Chew Married Woman (Video)

VERY UNBECOMING: Shameless Malawian Man Busted Trying To Chew Married Woman (Video)

A Malawian man in Mangochi has been beaten black and blue as he was caught sneaking into the house of another man with an aim of having s3x with his wife.

In a viral video this publication has seen, the man can be seen kneeling down as the owner of the woman he was attempting to sleep with interrogates him.

In the video the owner of the wife is being heard asking the intruder what he was doing at that hour of the night at his house.

According to the busted man, he received a text message from the man’s wife telling him to come over since her husband has gone to the field.

The owner of the house can also be heard telling people who came to witness the incident that he found a text message in his wife’s phone from the man telling her that he has sent some money for the lady to buy sausages and rice preparing for the night...WATCH.THE.VIRAL..VIDEO


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