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BREAKING: Labour Party Candidate Peter Obi’s Foreign Supporter Begs for $10,000

BREAKING: Labour Party Candidate Peter Obi’s Foreign Supporter Begs for $10,000

Mixed reactions have trailed a trending tweet by Jeffrey Guterman, a staunch supporter of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) seeking $10,000 to ‘deal with financial problems.’

Guterman, a retired American mental health counsellor, had set up a gofundme account seeking donations.

He tweeted: “If you appreciate my Twitter account, please consider making a donation:…. I am using donations to deal with my financial problems. Thank you,”

Guterman joined other teeming supporters to meet with Obi in Houston Texas few days ago.

As of the time of this report, checks by The Nation show only eight persons had donated $150 in total.

In a caveat on the GoFundMe page, he said: “Greetings! If you appreciate my Twitter account, then please consider making a donation here. The monies I receive will be used to help with my living expenses.

“Please note that this fundraiser is not related to the Obidient movement, and it was not created to solicit donations from Obidients or anyone else who is experiencing financial struggles themselves.”

Reacting, many Nigerians queried the motive of Guterman. Those who questioned or countered his posts were blocked.

Some others solicited support for the embattled supporter.

Reacting, @RoyaltyUso said: “Jeffrey Guterman will feel bad that Nigerians aren’t gullible. It’s 8 hours since his financial request targeted at Nigerians, and he has only raised $150 from his $10,000 goal.

“I’m sure we should expect to see less of him in Nigerian politics going forward. He is disappointed.”

@EleluAyoola tweeted: “It is your turn to cash out, people are cashing out bigly from Obidients movement. I wish you the best of luck.”

@JamezKalu9 said: “Typical whiteman’s strategy. They first pretend to care, to show concern. In this period, their eyes are fixed on your resources.

“They want Nigeria as ONE so badly, not because it helps the entity, but because they have a stake. Jeffrey Nwa Gutter”..WATCH.THE.VIRAL..VIDEO

@Saaondo01 said: “Someone clearly stated he has financial issues. He isn’t defrauding anyone. If you can’t/won’t make the donation fine, but don’t make jest of him.”

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