Ghana Premier League Clubs Get Prepared For 2022/23 Season; Are They Ready?

Ghana Premier League Clubs Get Prepared For 2022/23 Season; Are They Ready?

All teams scheduled to part take in this season’s Ghana Premier League have been pushing themselves to the last limit to enjoy a fruitful football campaign. Clubs have gone through some transfer moments and making efforts to make highly influential show in the league. Are they ready?

Before the shut of the transfer window, clubs had the opportunity of replacing players who had departed at the end of last season. Almost all clubs have had to deal with player exodus as some players were unwilling to continue their football career for another season.

Ghana Premier League clubs jostled for signatures and eventually landed their targets, who are deemed fit to fill vacuum created by the departed players.

Following the close of the window, clubs moved to the next stage of building bonds between and among players through preseason activities. Training in all forms were seen from clubs as they went through various rudiments to ensure team building.

From the training came preseason matches. Teams have been busy with matches across all board, starting with low profile matches through to high profile games. Teams that qualified for GHALCA Top Six were handed huge mileage in terms of preparations as they played among themselves. That became a major deal for teams that part took, but those who were not part did not rest as they were playing other matches elsewhere.

Few days to the commencement of the new season, clubs are still playing matches to wind up preparations and fill all necessary loopholes which ought to be mended before playing at home or away this weekend.

Based on the level of preparations undertaken by Ghana Premier League teams, it could be easily be remarked that local clubs are fully prepared to compete for glory in the impending campaign. What has been seen in terms of off-season matches and activities give proper context for how ready the clubs are to battle for honors in the new season.

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