BREAKING: Bitter Bernd Leno blasts Arsenal “It’s just about politics”

BREAKING: Bitter Bernd Leno blasts Arsenal “It’s just about politics”

What is it about Arsenal’s ex-keepers complaining about their time at the Emirates after they have moved on?

We had a long-running saga with Emi Martinez after joining Aston Villa, and now Bernd Leno has blasted his former boses at Arsenal, and implied that he was dropped because of “politics” rather than anything to do with his performances.

This has been reported in SportsBuzzer and other German media after Leno had featured in an interview with SportsBild, and here is an excerpt from that article…..

Bernd Leno has complained about the actions of his former club Arsenal. In an interview with ‘Sport Bild‘, the 30-year-old keeper explains: “When I realized that it wasn’t about performance or quality, I knew I had to go.” US competitor Matt Turner (28) was mainly engaged for marketing reasons: “During the preparation I saw that it’s not about performance, it’s just about politics. It was clear to me: I have to get out of here.”

Leno is now a regular again at Fulham FC. With a view to his chances of a place in the DFB squad, this is essential: “The most important thing for me is to find my rhythm again. Especially after I wasn’t actually able to train properly at Arsenal and had no preparation. It’s up to me to get the focus back on the national team.”

This is interesting and a little strange. It is implied that the USA international keeper Matt Turner was only hired for commercial reasons (marketing? Politics?) and that is why he had decided to leave Arsenal, but (correct me if I’m wrong), I am pretty sure that the German had decided to leave the Emirates before we even made a bid for Turner.

And I’m finding it hard to understand why he “wasn’t actually able to train properly at Arsenal”.

Something here doesn’t quite add up….

What do you think?

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