BREAKING: MacAnthony says he’d rather seen Liverpool sign Zakaria over Arthur

BREAKING: MacAnthony says he’d rather seen Liverpool sign Zakaria over Arthur

Liverpool caught many off-guard in the final hours of the window. Of course, with a few days left, it was becoming apparent that another signing was required in the middle of the park.

But few would have predicted that Arthur would be the player to come in. The Brazilian has been heavily linked with a Premier League move in recent months. Arsenal reportedly agreed a deal in January. Meanwhile, Everton showed interest.

But there seemed to be little suggestion that the Reds were keen. So you can understand why MacAnthony is concerned, as a Liverpool fan.

The Peterborough chairman expressed some doubt about the deal for Arthur. And he claimed that he would have rather seen Liverpool land Zakaria before his Stamford Bridge switch.

“I would have rather the other one that Chelsea got from Juventus, the central midfielder, he’s a much better prospect. But look I hope I’m wrong.”
MacAnthony would have rather seen Liverpool sign Zakaria

In fairness, Zakaria has not had the easiest run with injuries either. He missed much of 2020 with a knee problem. And he was sidelined during the early stages of his spell with Juventus.

But they are two outstanding midfielders in their own right. So you can see why some Liverpool fans may wish that they had pursued the Swiss instead.

Zakaria is the more versatile of the two players. And he has been labelled an ‘absolute machine‘ and compared with Patrick Vieira.

But Arthur is clearly a huge talent. You do not sign for Barcelona and Juventus without being one.

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