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Just in: National Development is not for a mere Paper and Biro plan. Evans Moses tells Candidates

Just in: National Development is not for a mere Paper and Biro plan. Evans Moses tells Candidates.

The Convener , Evans Moses of “ Evans for Tinubu 2023” Team and the DG. Said this during a visits to prominent political leaders in Akure Ondo state yesterday. While speaking he said there is power in diplomatic experience in National development preparation, at this point the country is expecting a change whole of tally development with high economical profiled nations.

The very unstable contributions to economy in Nigeria is lack of a bad Leadership by making inexperienced persons to occupy the positions of those institutions that could be a performance to strategies on how nation economy will grow to a prove of competitiveness with other countries.

While speaking with Leaders, Evans Moses said this is an era of taking completely a new dimensions , and taking this actualization to a reality needs a good sensitization by making citizens to be a friend to history and a played already music that has transformed and transpired to a large extent of economy on either state or local council.

Its quite unfortunate that in the main time people are still making a very big mistake by not allowing the experienced and skill influencing leaders to be president in the nation. This time around the truth shall be our judge and our guide, and making friend to history as I have said earlier will be the only too will divulge the impact and leadership strength each candidate might have been given to Nigerians in their various dispensations.

He said there are many challenges on ground that needs urgent solutions, so if any candidate is coming out to itemize only problems of which we all know without telling us the solutions to those is nothing but only doing us harm , indirectly speaking his incapability of the economical and other human disastrous effects in the nation. So this time lets have a logical and critical demand to vote the best.

Published by: “Evans for Tinubu 2023 “ Media Team.

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