Brief Description:

The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Programme is a scholarship award scheme aimed at providing students from any developing country member of the Asian Development Bank scholarship award opportunities to study for their master’s degree at the prestigious University of Hawaii, United States of America. This scholarship award is funded by the Japanese government and is also aimed at improving the general development of certain countries by equipping their human resources.

Application Commences: The application for this scholarship award is currently ongoing

Application Deadline:1st of December 2022

Scholarship Award Name: ADB-JSP Masters Degree Scholarships 2023

Scholarship Award Sponsor(s): Government of Japan and Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Host Institution: the University of  Hawai’i, United States of America

Country of Study: United States of America

Targeted Demography: Students from developing country member of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Degree Type: Master’s Degree

Eligible Field(s) :Not specified

Scholarship Award Number: Not specified

Scholarship Award Duration: Not specified

Scholarship Award Benefits: Some of the benefits of this scholarship award include:

-full tuition fee waiver

-health insurance fees

-monthly stipends


-travel costs

Eligibility Conditions: Some of the eligibility requirements for this scholarship award include:

  • -applicants must be from any developing country members of the Asian Development Bank(ADB)
  • -applicants must meet English proficiency test requirements for this scholarship award 
  • -applicants must have already completed their undergraduate degree or its equivalent with a very good grade
  • -applicants must be at most 35 years of age and must have work experience 

How to Apply:

  • Interested applicants who meet all of the eligibility requirements for this scholarship award can apply for this scholarship award by visiting the online application portal through and supplying the required details and supporting documents.
  • Link to the Official Scholarship Website:

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