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“CARBON COPY”: Video of dad & son with similar marks on the face stuns many Israel Usulor

“CARBON COPY”: Video of dad & son with similar marks on the face stuns many Israel Usulor

“No Need for DNA Test”: Dad with Rare White Mark on Face Shows Off Son with Same Condition, Video Stuns Many

A man named Gborzimore Moses has stormed TikTok and shared the video of his cute son who has a white mark thought to be vitiligo on his face and body
But the amazing thing is that Moses also has the same condition, making both of them to look exceptionally unique
In the video he shared, Moses was showing off his son, stunning TikTokers with just how similar the both of them look

A video seen on TikTok has shown a young father, Gborzimore Moses with his cute-looking son who has a rare white mark that descends from his head to his face. It is also seen on other parts of his body.

The mark is strongly thought to be vitiligo, but could not independently confirm this. But the boy’s facial feature is so striking that it has stunned TikTok users.

Photos of a handsome man and his cute son thought to have vitiligo.
People have described them as rare.
Source: UGC

The video also shows that the young dad, Moses also has the same condition running all the way from his head down to his face the same way as his little toddler son.

TikTok users amazed by the appearance of both father and son contend that there is no more need for questions before one could confirm their biological relationship.

According to the Vitiligo Society, the condition can appear anywhere in the body and children whose parents have the condition stand a higher chance of having it.

TikTok users react

Many TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video. See some of the comments below:

@oluwasemilanu said:

“No need for DNA test.”

@Classic Debra commented:

“Omo see hereditary.”

@Cilabrown Obeng said:

“God is the greatest.”

@Lekan Orolabi said:

“If you talk of DNA, I go sell our family house by took pick.”

@user7820195503071 commented:

“Blood is thicker than water.”

@Melody Ndlovu203 said:

“You are blessed both of you, unique people.”

@splashwhite5 said:

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