Footballers’ ditziest interviews – Grealish’s ‘encyclopaedia’ to Beckham clanger

Footballers’ ditziest interviews – Grealish’s ‘encyclopaedia’ to Beckham clanger

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Footballers are sometimes unkindly portrayed as airheads, with interviews where players give ditzy responses quickly going viral.

£100m Jack Grealish is known for his ditzy moments, as well as other pros who have added to this stereotype. Here, Daily Star Sport has looked back at some of the funnier interviews over the years.

Legendary midfielder David Beckham is also partial to a blunder, with the former United player dropping a clanger during his long career.

Like anyone else, players can leave people in tears of laughter for having a moment or two while on camera, but when you’re in the limelight like they are, you’re not likely to easily live it down.
Jack Grealish

The Brummie attacker is renowned for his quick feet and smart passing, but the £100m midfielder-come-winger is also known for sometimes showing a lack of common sense and general knowledge.

The 26-year-old once made headlines when he was asked about Aston Villa boss Dean Smith calling him an “encyclopedia of football”. His bemused response had fans in hysterics.

Speaking to Faye Carruthers of talkSPORT, he asked “a what?” before she repeated herself. He then said, looking completely baffled: “I don’t know what that means.”

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David Beckham

The Englishman made his name as a teenager turning out for Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United where he was an energetic and creative midfielder, and one of the finest crossers of the ball in Europe.

Despite his skill and ability on the pitch, he wasn’t always the brightest spark. Once he was asked by an interviewer if he would describe himself as a volatile player, he said: “Well, I can play in the centre, on the right and occasionally on the left side.”
Theo Walcott

Another Englishman to add to the list as Walcott didn’t cover himself in glory during one interview while Arsenal.

The winger, who suffered an injury-prone time after breaking through as a teenager at Southampton and moving to the Gunners, ironically described his consistency.

He dropped this clanger: “I’ve been consistent in patches this season.”

What made it worse was the fact he was hammered during his time in North London for his inability to stay fit.

Ian Rush

The Liverpool legend enjoyed a career that most could only dream of, with him setting off for Juventus after creating a goalscoring legacy to be proud of on Merseyside.

Although when he returned on loan from the Old Lady, he was the subject of torment when he compared Italy to a foreign country, despite it being a foreign country…

He said: “I couldn’t settle in Italy – it was like living in a foreign country.”

The infamous quote went down in history, and in an interview with The Observer in 2005, he claims he was set up by a teammate, although how true that is we will never know. A staggering 346 goals in a red shirt will have to make up for it.

Michael Quinn

The fourth Englishman to feature in the list didn’t do his reputation any good when he made some tactical analysis.

The former Newcastle man said when asked about one match during his long career in football: “I think he got his tactics wrong tactically.”

Thankfully the ex-striker never went into management, although you never know, his tactics could have been spot on.
Ugo Ehiogu

The former Middlesbrough and Aston Villa centre-back was a hardman on the pitch, but when he was once asked if he was happy, he got a bit confused.

He said: “I’m as happy as I can be – but I have been happier.”

Although the context isn’t the clearest, he had an extensive career before joining the Spurs youth team set-up.
Steven Gerrard

The Anfield favourite and current Villa boss managed to land himself in it during a hilarious interview on BBC Radio One.

The former Liverpool captain was asked a fairly simple and straightforward question during the breakfast show when asked what his favourite cheese was.

Although, I think the Liverpudlian misunderstood the question and answered: “Melted cheese.”

Although that is possibly the best way to have cheese, we don’t think it’s quite what the presenters were looking for.

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