Neymar comments on Premier League defenders and picks his toughest opponent

Neymar comments on Premier League defenders and picks his toughest opponent

Neymar is regarded as one of the best players in the world and is usually causing defenders numerous problems rather than the other way around.

The Brazilian has started the season in incredible fashion and has racked up an impressive 10 goals and seven assists in just nine matches this season and will be looking to take that form to the World Cup in two months’ time.

The PSG superstar has faced the world’s best defenders over the course of his career and recently named the toughest one.

Neymar stated that Manchester City’s Kyle Walker was the toughest defender he has played against but also commented on Virgil van Dijk, Kalidou Koulibaly, Raphael Varane and Ruben Dias.

In an interview with DAZN, Neymar said about Liverpool’s Van Dijk: “Playing against Van Dijk is tough because as a centre-back, he’s so strong and intelligent,

“He knows when it’s the right time to close you down and when to go in for a tackle. That makes it harder. He’s intelligent. It’s harder to play against intelligent centre-backs. They don’t make mistakes.”

When speaking about Dias, the forward said: “Ruben Dias is a very good centre-back. He’s quick and strong”

Neymar also described Koulibaly as “quick” but put a “very” before the strong when describing the Chelsea centre-back.

“He’s quick and intelligent. His positioning is very good. He’s a top player,” was the superstar’s description of Man United’s Varane.

However, amongst these great defenders, Walker was the man Neymar named as his toughest opponent, describing the City right-back as “fast, strong and intelligent.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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