BREAKING: 6 footballers who fumed at their FIFA ratings – from Romelu Lukaku to Declan Rice

BREAKING: 6 footballers who fumed at their FIFA ratings – from Romelu Lukaku to Declan Rice

EA Sports have released the ratings for the 23 best players on FIFA 23 ahead of the latest edition of the popular football gaming series going on sale later this month
Declan Rice was ready to snap his FIFA 22 card in half before seeing his new rating
Declan Rice is amongst the players to have fumed at their FIFA rating

Player ratings in EA Sports’ FIFA series of video games vary depending on the quality of the player in question.

However, one thing is certain when it comes to ratings release day, not all players will be pleased with the stats given to them on the latest edition in the popular video game series. The first set of player ratings for FIFA 23 were announced on Monday afternoon, with the top 23 stars revealed ahead of the game’s release later this month.

Ahead of their release, here are six players who have fumed at their ratings on previous editions of FIFA.

Antonio Rudiger
Antonio Rudiger took to Twitter to rage at his FIFA 22 rating

Former Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger was less than impressed this time last year after seeing his pace rating ahead of the release of FIFA 22.

Handed 75 pace by EA, Rudiger took to Twitter to complain, writing: “Come on @EASPORTSFIFA… 35,8 km/h top speed on the pitch and only 75 pace in FIFA22?! What do I need to get around 90 pace? 50 km/h?”

After an impressive final season in a Chelsea shirt, the Germany international will be hoping for an increase to his stats following his move to Real Madrid this summer.

Olivier Giroud
Olivier Giroud’s lack of pace left the French striker fuming

Another ex-Chelsea star, Olivier Giroud also took exception to his lack of pace on the previous edition of FIFA, having been given a rating of just 39.

Reacting to his stats alongside AC Milan team-mate Brahim Diaz, who could not contain his laughter, Giroud exclaimed: “Impossible! My three-year-old son’s got more than 39 pace.”

Now aged 35, the French striker is unlikely to see his pace increase by much if at all this year either.
Jack Grealish and Declan Rice

Declan Rice
Declan Rice and Jack Grealish did not hold back when reacting to their previous ratings

England duo Jack Grealish and Declan Rice were both tasked with reacting to their ratings from previous editions of FIFA whilst on international duty last September.

Having been underwhelmed by his past ratings, which included a 62 overall during his loan spell at Notts County, Grealish reacted to his latest 84-rated card by stating: “Go on FIFA! Better pace, better shooting, better passing, better physical. 88 dribbling I’ll take that all day.”

Rice, however, was less pleased after seeing his pace was only 66, ranting: “I’m convinced they just sit at a computer desk bored writing a thousand players down, saying ‘Oh he’s a 60-something, he’s a 70-something.’”

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Liverpool stars

Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino was one of several Liverpool stars unimpressed by their ratings

As part of last year’s ratings reveal, a number of Liverpool players were filmed seeing their stats for the first time, with some less pleased than others.

After seeing he had been downgraded from 87 to 85, Roberto Firmino remarked: “I need to laugh because this is horrible. My God, what happened here?”

Joel Matip was equally frustrated, declaring “I’m really not happy with this,” after seeing he had been given 58 pace. Meanwhile, Joe Gomez reacted to his pace downgrade by asking: “So, what evidence is this based on?”

Japhet Tanganga
Tottenham defender Japhet Tanganga has admitted that he won’t be choosing to use his own card on FIFA 22
Japhet Tanganga admitted he would not be using himself after seeing his stats

Whilst those Liverpool players were able to see their ratings on their own, the same luxury was not afforded to Tottenham Hotspur defender Japhet Tanganga.

The Spurs defender reviewed his ratings alongside Sergio Reguilon and Matt Doherty last year but was left fuming with his stats.

To the amusement of his team-mates, Tanganga raged: “How are they adding this up?! I’m not using myself. Who would use this?!”

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku slammed FIFA’s ratings on Twitter

Perhaps the angriest reaction to a FIFA rating, though, came back in 2020 after Romelu Lukaku saw his stats ahead of the release of FIFA 21.

Then still in his first spell with Inter Milan, the Belgian striker had been downgraded to an 85 overall from the previous edition of FIFA, despite scoring 23 league goals the previous season.

An angry Lukaku took to social media to share his furious reaction, tweeting: “Let’s be honest FIFA just mess with the ratings so we players start complaining about the game and give them more publicity… I ain’t with this s***. I know what I do.”

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