EPL: Liverpool boss Klopp mocks Chelsea co-owner Boehly

EPL: Liverpool boss Klopp mocks Chelsea co-owner Boehly

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, has mocked Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly after the American’s suggestion for an annual Allstar game.

Boehly raised a few eyebrows when he suggested the All-Star game, as seen in the NBA and MLB, which he proposed could help raise money for the English football pyramid.

He also suggested that a “four-team tournament” should decide relegation from the Premier League rather than the current three-down format.

Klopp, speaking after Liverpool defeated Ajax in the Champions League, gave the idea short shrift when asked about it in his post-match press conference.

Breaking into a wide grin, he said: “He hasn’t waited long! Oh great, when he finds a date for that, he can call me.

“He forgets that in the big sports in America, these players have four-month breaks and they are quite happy they can do a little bit of sport in these breaks. It is completely different in football.

“What can I say? Does he want to bring the Harlem Globetrotters as well and let them play against a football team?”

Giving the concept a little more thought, Klopp added: “I am surprised by the question so please don’t judge my answers too much. Maybe he can explain it to me at one point and find a proper date.

“I’m not sure people want to see that. Imagine that – United players, Liverpool players, Everton players all together on one team.

“It’s not the national team, it’s just the north-west and the north-east together and the south? Ok, north versus south means north-east and Newcastle. Interesting game.

Boehly’s proposal would see rivals such as Manchester United and Liverpool on the same team..TAP.TO.CONTINUE.READING

“And all the London guys together – Arsenal, Tottenham, great. Did he really say it? Great.”

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